The Tales from Lord Byron's Abode...

The Ghost of Piccadilly Terrace

"My Dear Lady Byron.. are you offended that I thus venture to torment you... Would your husband like to have a Book - belonging to Napoleon with the Eagle on it."

"I was treated by Lord Byron with more than the ordinary degree of politeness I might have expected..."

Mary Ann Clermont Companion to Lady Byron

"I am glad to hear of the comfort & CONVENIENCE of your house... Dearest Sis I do not require your account of the view from yr Windows as an inducement to pay you a visit. You will perhaps be a better judge by & bye whether I shall not be a plague..."

"Your barbarous and hard hearted Brother has I am too firmly persuaded broken the heart that was devoted to him - and I doubt not will have pleasure in the Deed. She will not long exist...

No imputation can take place on my Daughter's Conduct..."

"If his is not in a state to be put under care I will never return to his roof again. If ever I should be fool enough to be persuaded to return, I shall never leave his house alive.

Oh that I were in London if in the coal-hole."

"Byron confessed he had been often our of temper with Lady B.

Refused to live with her friends - told her she was in his way - but then he had a liver complaint and from one to four executions in his house at a time."

"Dst Annabella, I have just taken the Dss of Devonshire's House from next Sunday the 12th for one year at 700£ - as Ld B wants Space I hope it will suit him..."

"I never yet knew a lady that could not manage my Lord, except my Lady..."

The 'Learned' Fletcher Valet to Lord Byron